How Reap in Joy Works

Reap in Joy is an auto dialer that can quickly contact a very large number of people by phone.

In the past, we used analogue lines but found that churches  could not afford to pay for the expenses of the installations.

God has allowed us to upgrade to digital lines. Because of the digital technology, we are now able to route contacts to either the church phone or to the worker’s cell phones.

The Lord has allowed us to take that burden off of the church’s shoulders.

We use 96 phone lines. God supplies the cost of these cards by supporting Churches.

The equipment is permanently installed in the United States where we can program any campaign remotely.

If you are a missionary in Togo (a French-speaking country)you can make apponitments with your people in their national tongue.

You will be able to call your whole area while respecting your national “DO NOT CALL LIST”.

We will train you free.  You decide on a time which will be the best to reach the people in your area.

After those steps, we are ready to start your Campaign, asking God to open the doors for you. All this is done at a distance by laptop.

WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU for this. Our goal is to reach the lost for Christ. We do it free as the Lord provides.

All the long distance costs are paid for by Christians’ donations made specifically for the spreading of the Gospel.