There are several areas of the Reap in Joy Ministry that need your support.

Monthly Phone Fees

The monthly cost is like a monthly phone service. This cost does not cover long distance charges or administration fees

These fees are provided by the Lord through different churches supporting this Missionary on a monthly basis.

We are asking churches to help us with this burden by supporting this Missionary (Reap In Joy) on a monthly basis. This will allow us to assist Independent Fundamental Churches free of charge. PLEASE PRAY AND ASK WHAT THE LORD WOULD HAVE YOU TO DO?

Long Distance Costs:

Calls made locally and in other countries may have a higher cost. We will inform you as the need comes per campaigns for other Countries.

Keynia, Romania, India, Guadeloupe, Togo, Mali, New Zealand and the Micronesian islands are some of the countries that will be required to raise special funds to reach.


Administration Fees:

Printing, postage, employee wages, and other costs associated with running this ministry are paid for by the personnel working with Reap In Joy, by volunteers,  by donations support or special love offering.

Contact us if you would like to have Pastor Bolduc to visit with you or answer your questions. He will be willing to preaent the Ministry and preach.

How Your Gift Will Be Used

The only expense of Real in Joy Ministry is to win the lost souls.

All other donations are used only for the purpose specified at the time of donation.

 No donations are used for administration fees, equipment, or monthly phone fees unless the donation is made specifically for that purpose.

Deducting Your Gift from Your Taxes

All gifts to Reap in Joy Ministry which are dedicated to (1) equipment, (2) monthly support for monthly fees, and (3) for the number of calls are tax-deductible. Donors will receive a receipt for income tax purpose (IRS).

You CAN Help


All your gifts will be used to reach the lost souls.

For skipping one meal at a restaurant, we will reach many lost souls. If you do it on a mountly basis, we will reach for you a numerous amount of people for Christ. This is the size of a small city.

Making a Donation

Please send all donations to:

Please make your check payable to REAP IN JOY MINISTRY and send it to the following address:

US address:

Canadian address:

Important: Please specify on your check the purpose for which you would like your donation to be used:

  • Souls
  • Equipment
  • Operational cost

You can also use a major Credit Card: Master Card, Visa, American Express or Paypal go to: