November 2018

Dear Pastors, Missionaries and Churches,

If you would like to reach your area or other specific countries to Christ (for you or others of your representatives) let us know three months ahead of time. This is a required time to prepare a schedule and check the availabilities to serve you correctly as per your desire.

Besides all the information in regards to you, your address, your work, Ministry, Church or Association, and what is your goal, we will also need:

1. How many people you want to reach and the time schedule that you have to do it

2. The area code of your Country,

3 . The following three didgets (for America) or the two following didgets in other Countries
representing the area that you want to reach.

4. Tell us how many people would you have available to answer the calls.

5. Give the phone numbers used to receive the calls or their cell phone numbers . It is
recommended that they will be on the spot on a steady basis during the Campaign. If not, you
will have to advise us of any change four hours before starting your Campaign daily.

6. Tell us the amount of people that are available to go out and fill the contacts as per their

We also ask if you would please communicate with us through email.
Upon reception of your information, we will communicate with you to make the proper arrangments.
Thank you,