reaper in fieldReap in Joy Ministry is a local church ministry…

that helps to plant churches, encourage pastors, and support missionaries while reaching lost souls for Christ in North America and abroad by setting up apointments at precise times with all areas.

Our ministry is an Independent Fundamental Baptist missionary to fellow churches. We stand without apology for the KJV (King James Version) and New Testament soul winning. It is our intent to serve churches that have the same convictions and burdens.


Our Missionary (Reap in Joy – the tool used to call people) is a constantly working tool that saves time and creates opportunities to contact people in secured buildings and subdivisions while screening the population without irritating people. It respects the laws and regulations of all countries by following the “DO NOT CALL LIST” and observes all other phone etiquette. Reap in Joy can detect a live person versus an answering machine. It is also capable of handling up to 96 telephone lines simultaneously. The time of day to begin and end calling may be set by the operator. We have the ability to redial telephone numbers that were busy or unanswered. We can import records of names and enter the information remotely. Calling campaigns can be started at the same time in different time zones.

What is the difference between Reap in Joy and a Telemarketer?

Reap in Joy is totally different from telemarketing and should not be thought of as telemarketing.


They are using their calling system to sell you products. The telemarketer is paid a commission based on his performance. Therefore, once he gets you on the line he will talk without interruption to explain his product up to the point where he will ask for your credit card number. Getting you to purchase his product or service is his main goal.

If you make a purchase, the company will send you the product that you bought, and if you’re are not satisfied, you will have to wait, sometimes over 30 days, to get your money back. It is not recommended to deal with telemarketers because most of them are harassing the population. We suggest that you contact the National DO NOT CALL LIST to get your phone number registered in order to protect you from these people which will call you constantly.

Reap In Joy:

Our Missionary DOES NOT SELL anything; instead, he will leave you a message that last only ten to fifteen seconds.

Example message: “Good evening, this short message is to tell you that we care about you. If you would like more information, press 1. If you want to leave a message, press 2. If you would like us to take your name off the list, press 9.”

If the person presses 1 for more information, the call will then be routed to either the church’s phone or pastor’s cell phone in order to talk with the person and set up a follow-up appointment.

Example conversation: “Hi, James here. How may I help you? ….. Well we care about you and we would like to know if you have any spiritual needs… What is your first name?”

We talk with the person without being forced to make an appointment with them.

If they make an appointment to meet with us, we then go and visit with them, reach them for Christ, and bring them into the church where they meet a Christian willing to start an after Salvation course with them.

Numerous speeches are used in accordance with each different situation.

Our desire is to offer this service FREE as the Lord provides. Contact us for further details.